• What are Dental Crowns?
    Are you dealing with a chipped, damaged, or missing tooth in Asheville, NC? If so, you could be an ideal candidate for a dental crown. Read more
  • What Is a Dental Crown?
    A crown is a dental restoration that literally covers a damaged tooth (sometimes also referred to as a cap). Crowns are most commonly used to repair a damaged or broken Read more
  • FAQs About Dental Implants
    Patients who have missing teeth or major tooth and gum problems often have questions about dental implants. Implants are the modern solution for replacing teeth and are now often preferred Read more
  • FAQs about Root Canals
    There is nothing to fear about root canals. Find out more about this commonly performed dental procedure. Hearing your dentist tell you that you need a root canal may fill you with anxiety, Read more
  • Welcome to our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Upwards Dental Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Asheville, Hendersonville, or Flat Rock, NC area, we’re excited you are Read more
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