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  • Mild Pain Relievers may be all you need for Discomfort after Dental Work
    For most dental procedures you’re usually back to your regular routine in no more than a day or two (or even hours) afterward. For the most part, the mouth heals Read more
  • Facial Nerve Pain Can be Controlled
    Every year 150,000 people, mostly women over age 50, find out they have a painful condition called trigeminal neuralgia. For many it begins as an occasional twinge along the face Read more
  • A Toothless Tiger?
    Let’s say you’re traveling to Italy to surprise your girlfriend, who is competing in an alpine ski race… and when you lower the scarf that’s covering your face, you reveal Read more
  • Is Traditional Flossing too Difficult? Consider Water Flossing
    A critical part of effective, daily oral hygiene, flossing removes bacterial plaque from between teeth that can’t be accessed with brushing. Unfortunately, it’s often neglected — string flossing requires a Read more
  • Regardless of What You've Seen Online, Don't Fear a Root Canal Treatment
    With smart phone in hand, you can instantaneously find out just about anything. Unfortunately, online search results aren’t always accurate. Case in point: there’s an idea floating on the World Read more
  • Ways a Root Canal Could Help You
    Have you ever wondered why a root canal is performed?  More than 41,000 root canals are performed daily and more than 15 million root canals are performed each year, making it Read more
  • 3 Things to do to Prepare for Dental Emergencies While Traveling Abroad
    Vacationing abroad can be the trip of a lifetime — or a nightmare if you have a medical or dental emergency while traveling. Dental care in many locations around the Read more
  • Discover The Benefits Of Dentures
    Could dentures give you the smile that you want after tooth loss?  Dentures are one of the oldest dental devices around and they are still around today because they offer patients Read more
  • What's That on Your Teeth, Nick Jonas? How to Avoid a Similar Smile Oops
    Think no one is looking at your smile when you’re out in public? Nick Jonas’ recent experience might convince you otherwise. While the Jonas Brothers were performing during the 2020 Read more
  • Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants
    Whether you are looking to replace one, several or all of your teeth, dental implants offer a realistic and long-term solution for regaining a confident smile. Read more
  • Reasons You May Need A Root Canal
    Upwards Dental provides comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages living in and around Asheville, Flat Rock, and Hendersonville, NC. If you have questions about root canal treatment or if you are dealing with a toothache, call us right away. Read more
  • Types of Dentures Available
    Tooth loss doesn't have to change your appearance forever. In fact, several types of dentures can restore your smile. The dentists at Upwards Dental, with offices at Biltmore Avenue and Chestnut Street in Asheville, NC, and in Hendersonville, can help you evaluate your denture choices. Read more
  • What are Dental Crowns?
    Are you dealing with a chipped, damaged, or missing tooth in Asheville, NC? If so, you could be an ideal candidate for a dental crown. Read more
  • What Is a Dental Crown?
    A crown is a dental restoration that literally covers a damaged tooth (sometimes also referred to as a cap). Crowns are most commonly used to repair a damaged or broken Read more
  • FAQs About Dental Implants
    Patients who have missing teeth or major tooth and gum problems often have questions about dental implants. Implants are the modern solution for replacing teeth and are now often preferred Read more
  • FAQs about Root Canals
    There is nothing to fear about root canals. Find out more about this commonly performed dental procedure. Hearing your dentist tell you that you need a root canal may fill you with anxiety, Read more
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