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Hablamos Espanol. Why is that important? At Upwards Dental, our professional team recognizes that you are not just a set of teeth. You are a whole person with a unique background, family and health needs. Your culture and language are part of you, and Dr. Eric Dollinger shares his bilingual skills with many of their patients. Yes, we are a Spanish-speaking dental practice!

Spanish Speaking Dentist Asheville NC | Upwards Dental

What we're about

We are proud to serve the Asheville & Flat Rock/Hendersonville, NC, areas with the finest preventive, restorative and cosmetic services. Dr. Eric Dollinger connects with the community through their precise and compassionate care and outreach work, too.

What dental services do you need? Our dentists emphasize continuing preventive care. So, just like the American Dental Association, he advises six-month cleanings and check-ups in their comfortable, state-of-the-art office.

This bilingual dental team also provides innovative restorative and cosmetic services, addressing oral health problems quickly and precisely and helping you meet the aesthetic goals you have for your smile. The doctor believes patient education for children, and adults, too, helps smiles remain vibrant and strong; so expect clear, understandable explanations of any needed procedures, and learn how to care for your teeth and gums at home.

Best practices

At Upwards Dental, you will receive instructions for hygiene and for advanced dental procedures in the language you understand best. Dr. Eric Dollinger will speak to you in Spanish if that is what you prefer.

What can we do for you?

Come to Upwards Dental with confidence in our treatments and in our desire to build a warm relationship between our family and yours. Dr. Eric Dollinger is integral part of the wonderful community in Asheville & Flat Rock/Hendersonville, NC. Please call one of our offices to arrange your routine appointments.

Estamos orgullosos de servir el área de Asheville, NC, con los mejores servicios de prevención, restauración y cosmético.

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