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What are Dental Crowns?

Could a dental crown help give you back that strong, healthy smile? 

Dental crowns are a pretty versatile dental restoration and aside from fillings they are one of the most commonly used 0733558001553202660.jpgrestorative treatments to improve both the health and appearance of your smile. So, what are dental crowns and how can our Asheville, NC, dentists help restore your oral health with this simple tooth-shaped restoration? Let’s find out!

Here’s what you should understand about getting a dental crown:

A dental crown has both restorative and cosmetic benefits 

When people think of crowns they often think of them more for restorative purposes rather than cosmetic, but the truth is that they can be great for both. Sure, a crown is designed to provide a protective barrier around a weak or damaged tooth, and it is also instrumental in supporting a dental bridge and covering an implant (to replace a missing tooth); however, if you have a severely misshapen or discolored tooth, a crown could transform its appearance so that it improves the overall look of your smile.

We will need to shave and reshape the tooth prior to getting crowns 

Since the crown will need to cover the tooth this means that our Asheville, NC, general dentist will need to shave down some of the tooth so that there is room for the crown. Since a significant amount of the tooth will need to be shaved down to accommodate the restoration this tooth reshaping is performed under local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing.

A crown can preserve and protect your tooth for the long run

Nothing is more important than preserving a natural tooth whenever possible. This is why getting a dental crown can be a major benefit to the health and protection of a tooth that has been damaged. Not only will it prevent further damage but it also could prevent the need for a tooth extraction in the future. With the proper care a crown could last anywhere from 5 to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

Are you dealing with a chipped, damaged, or missing tooth in Asheville, NC? If so, you could be an ideal candidate for a dental crown. Call your dentist at Upwards Dental to schedule a checkup with us.

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